The research project

The We-economy project began in 2014 as a research project in a collaboration with the think tank DEA, Serviceplatforms and the Danish Design Centre. The project was supported Karl Petersen and wife's industrial foundation.

The project was communicated through a string of well-attended workshops for companies and organizations, and the conclusions of the project were published in a report in May 2015 .

Since then there has been a continued and increasing interest, both in Denmark and internationally, for the concept and the results, and we are recieving  a large number of requests for lectures, workshops and interviews  on the subject.

Peter Hesseldahl, who led the original research project is now driving the process forward.

One result is a new book, which describes the implications of a new economy and presents a number of tools and approaches that companies can use to adapt their business models. The book also points to a number of unfortunate consequences of the shift and describes a number of measures that could ensure a largely positive development.