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WE-economy - beyond the industrial logic

by Peter Hesseldahl will be published September 15 in Danish and English versions. 

- How do we make a living when intelligent machines can handle much of the work humans do?

- What values should drive the next level of growth?

 - How do we distribute the gains and ensure that inequality does not undermine the possibilities for progress?


 Peter Hesseldahl's new book, the We-Economy speaks into some of the most important current discussions.

The book describes how we are moving towards a new economy with a new set of game rules.

The We-economy is not only a guide for companies on how to adjust their business model, but also an overview for anyone with an interest in societal development. The book lays out and examines a number of very powerful trends that are transforming the labor market, skills, equality and inequality, as well as the conventional rights and obligations in business.

Old roles and categories are dissolving, and the social contract between society and business, and between what we knew as "employers" and "employees" will be re-negotiated as the sharing economy, co-creation and digital platforms turn fundamental concepts in the economy upside down.

The We-economy is a also a proposal for how the coming years of change can become a positive scenario for most of us.

We-economy is easily read and beautifully illustrated. A very useful little book.

You can find a brief summary and overview of the chapters here