We are entering a new economy with a different set of game rules.

- The focal point is solutions made for the particular context - not mass produced products and services.

- New value is created through digital platforms, which coordinate networks of co-creators - not internally in companies, at factories or offices.

- Robots and artificial intelligence will take over a large part of our tasks. Instead, we will deliver what only people are capable of.

- In the sharing economy, concepts like "employer", "employee", "professional" or "consumer" lose their meaning. At the same time, hard won rights and the norms for obligations and the distribution of profits in society are challenged.

- A Universal Basic Income or a new type of cooperative movement could ensure equality and inclusion, and release a wave of new creativity.

We’ve never had better preconditions for achieving progress, sustainability and a greater focus on the values ​​that matter most to humans.

But it will only happen if we cooperate. In an intensely connected world, growth emerges through interaction and community - It is a WE economy.