A perfect storm is brewing in the labor market, and it will significantly change the conditions for having a job. Several strong trends are adding to the disruption: 

-       Platforms are mobilizing and integrating “peanuts” in the economy, replacing some conventional, professional resources.

-       The robots are coming. A very significant share, perhaps between 1/3 and half of all current jobs could be automated within the next few decades.

-       Digitized work can be outsourced to a global market place. An increasing number of tasks can be performed through the Internet from wherever it is cheapest.

-       The new solutions that will drive the economy generally require much less people to serve very large markets.

-       Trade unions are losing members and power– and consequently losing power in negotiations.

-       Many are willing to work for very little. In prosperous countries, more refugees and immigrants will push wages downwards on physical, low and medium skilled labor.