The long tail of participation 

It’s unrealistic that all customers would wish to engage in co-creating everything they use – or that every customer would actually have something original to contribute. But some will.

 None of us have the time or attention to engage deeply in co-creating every single device and service that we use. In most situations our interaction will be minimal, for instance by contributing likes and ratings.

 However, many customers also have a few areas that they care deeply about and are willing to engage very actively in. Sometimes, these customers know the product better than those who work at the producer. Such super-users can be an important resource of insight and of great value for everyone in the community around a product or a solution.

The levels of user engagement in value creation follow a long tail:

- At one end of the scale are lots of users contributing a little bit of feedback simply by consuming and leaving digital traces about their preferences.
- At the other end are a few super-users co-creating products as experts.